Who Inspires You?

My entire childhood I remember looking up to certain individuals, for their wit, skill, courage, strength, integrity, compassion, etc. The attributes we believe in our hearts will be a piece of the puzzle, a building block in assembling our visions of the most perfect versions of our selves.

The quiet, dignified respect some command upon merely entering a room. How some control their environment with laughter, kindness or comfort. The heart of a downed or exhausted champion who WE know don't lose can be as inspiring as an act of kindness.

I have had the good fortune or blessing of many great examples of everything I have listed above in my family. My father who turns 70 today (Happy Birthday Pops, I Love You), my Mom, uncles, cousins, brothers and some of the baddest Abuelas ever. I'd like to believe I respectfully represent a part of them all. I am grateful for their lessons. Music, Art, History, strengthening, patience and humility.

Now, dreams of serving a perfect meal. To have everyone delighted in their experience as we meet our new community and family. Watching my wife hustle to make every detail perfect while running her own team. Looking at the work of my heroes and heroines constantly. Who inspire me to leave a legacy for others as they have. For their families and friends as well as the experience and memories of their guests.

We are grateful for your support and excited we are ONLY 2 WEEKS AWAY from our Soft Opening October 12th.

See you soon, Follow Your Bliss!!

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