When We Think of Family

Being across the country from our families is honestly the hardest part of leaving everything behind to pursue this idea of Follow Your Bliss. Both my wife and I are close to our siblings, parents, nieces and nephews, kids (20's) and grandchildren.

Most typically we do it with food! This was a meal that reminds us of family.

The Rice is made like the arroz con gandules my Abuela Matilda made and taught my Tias "Titis" Alma and Margie and inspired my brother Jay to develop his own as did I.

The black beans remind me of our arrival at the El Conquistador in Puerto Rico, where Melissa and I had a ridiculously good pulled pork and black bean quesadilla with carmelized onions. Perfection.

The sweet platanos (plaintains) remind me of our Caribbean Cruise on Carnival when we took a "Taste of Belize" Tour our guide was Pastor Carlos ( an inspiring human being).We experienced courses of Belizian cuisine made by Chef Daneen Flowers. The flavors were just mind blowing. Versatility and knowledge of so many plants and ingredients as well as people

Today is no different, our Southern Comfort Dinner tonight will feature honey corn bread, like my Abuela Elvira made when I was a boy.

The pulled pork a reminder of the Taste of Chicago, Bluesfest, Ribfest and other celebrations and festivals around Chicago. Then Mr.Whitleys (Texas) smoked, pulled pork happened and inspired me to play with the method.

Macaroni & Cheese reminds everyone of being a kid. Southern style makes you feel like a kid with an awesome family.

The baked beans.... I got nothing. Seriously though another reminder of childhood and BBQ.

The Sticky Toffee Pudding I made for both restaurants in the Palma Ceia Golf and Country Club and is where most of my Florida friends are tonight.

Food is how we bridge the gap from missing to nostalgia and make a place for them always.

Come on down to Follow Your Bliss tonight and taste our memories. Let's hear about yours and make some new ones. We cant wait to meet you!

Come and get it 4-9 p.m. today at the Florida Chef's Workshop in St. Petersburg Florida

Treat well and preserve your precious memories and moments. Always Follow Your Bliss ❤️

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