What it Takes to Win

I have had the honor of being the Personal Chef for nearly one year now as a service of Follow Your Bliss Catering Co. for a group of talented and proficient professional poker players in the St. Petersburg, Florida area.

Full time CrossFitters and Poker Players, these gentleman take both seriously and take few days off if any. Their leader and mentor Juancho Rodriguez founding member of the LFGO poker community is an accomplished champion in his own right. As well as my Nutrition coaching program.

Recently I had the chance to ask him a few questions about his thoughts on fitness, goals and inspiration.

1. What is your name and profession?

Juancho Rodriguez, professional poker player (a.k.a. professional hustler)

2. What is your preferred method of training?

The box, CrossFit. Definitely.

3. Purpose of training for you personally?

For me it is strength as well as my overall health

4. Personal goals and/or benefits you wish to experience?

Physical fitness. A diet that helps me to become stronger and leaner. With less bloating, to feel lean.

5. Professional goals and/or benefits you wish to experience.

Again, fitness and diet but for higher performance physically and cognitively. We use so much energy I feel it comes down to 75% food / fuel and 25% knowledge to preform at a peak level.

6. Do you have any health concerns?

Zero. The main reasons for my diet are for increased activity and to generally feel less sick.

7. Noticeable benefits of using FYB Spices? (The entire product line nearly 1 year now).

All over health! Less achy, less bloating and I feel lean. (Mr. Rodriguez also experienced a significant drop in cholesterol within the first 5 months)

8. Who inspires you?

Man.. healthy players like Jason Kuun or CrossFit Crushers like Mat Fraser and Rich Froning. People who have work ethic and a story behind what they do. Who are driven and family oriented.

Thank you very much for making the time to share your thoughts and kind words with us Mr. Rodriguez!

To support his answer to the eighth question is his dedication to his team. Personally invested in the individual success of his crew leads by example and knows the importance of eating well to preform at peak level.

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Eat well, think sharp, win big and always Follow Your Bliss.

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