Tiki Tok

Good evening everyone. Hope everyone has had a pleasant week and have plans for some quality time whatever that is for you over the weekend.

We are looking at around nine weeks at this point before our Grand Opening. We have enlisted the guidance of some of my most talented friends and colleagues .

Still much to be done, obviously. We call it a happy restlessness😎. The thoughts and ideas are beginning to converge on the same fixed point.

My wife has been teaming up with me to lend me some of her 🔥 and making this go so much smoother. Thank you Meli, see you at the finish line😍.

Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm extremely encouraging. This is a carving from the first half of my day, Tiki for a

Tiki party. Schedule yours via email: followyourbliss2014@yahoo or on our Facebook Page.

Wishing you all have a wonderful evening, be good to each other. Follow Your Bliss.

Chef Roberto

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