The Threshold of Readiness!

The menus, labels, cards and invitations printed. Our website being wrestled to the ground by my incredible wife (as she has already overcome our printing literature) while I continue with numbers and budgeting further plans.

We know these menus will offer every one of you something that you can be excited about! We made a point to make sure all of our new family is included. So if there is ever anything we can do to better personalize your experience, share it with us. We love to create. Welcome to our new selections and our family!

It is so worth every detail to serve you our most thoughtful and we'll prepared meal as we would (and do) for our families. Our vision and goals continue to excite us as much as they spend our energy.

Every stage of this dream gets better and better. Thank you all for being part of it! Join us October 12th for our Soft Opening and book your next event or party with us!

Have a beautiful night, enjoy your good company and blessings. Follow Your Bliss, you deserve it!

Chef Roberto and Melissa Cruz <3

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