The Destination 🥂

This has been surreal, seeing all the parts of the dream arranged in various parts of the house throughout our days. The warmers, catering cart, cameras, herbs and spices, pans, plates, and napkins etc. It really does feel like I'm dreaming half the time.

Past couple of weeks we've been experimenting with recipes. Locking down the good ones to the decimal and adjusting others. We NEED to be CONSISTENT 💗!

Overall everything is looking extremely positive. Mrs. Cruz and I are both very excited to meet our new neighbors and family. We are thrilled to be closing in on our time to serve Florida as we would our families! Our wish is that the flavors and experience bring you back to some of your favorite memories.

I really began cooking because I associated my best most heartfelt memories with food and my beautiful family. The barbecues in Chicago, playing basketball in the alley with my brothers well Uncle Phil and Titi Margie set up a delicious spread. The candy, pastry and punchbowl at Titi Alma's parties while we waited in anticipation for the meal. Or either one of my Abuelas making some of the best food I've ever had to this day and making me feel like the most important person in the world.

This is why food is my religion, literally, my link to the past. Rey liggio.

So come join us, share the experience with your friends and family.

Have a beautiful night, be safe. Treat each other well an always Follow Your Bliss!

Chef Roberto "Bobby" Cruz

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