Something's Up With Jack

Good morning! We are preparing for our carving demonstration segment on Bloom TV tomorrow. Four identical carvings of Mr. Skellington, we are stoked!

The episode is to be aired on Halloween Day!

He is definitely my favorite modern icon of Halloween. I grew up in a neighborhood routine, Halloween was so different then. We'd leave school (hopefully after a high yield Halloween Party) in sugared-up herds to our respective homes. Knock out your chores as quickly as possible to ensure you could watch the Halloween Specials before trick or treating.

It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Garfield Halloween Special and Horror Movies on the preceding days. Classic Halloween icons to me.

As the movies ended so did the sugar buzz. It was time to meet up with your friends, as did your siblings and a predetermined regroup time and place. But we went out and had fun and really made a killing most years with our quickly depleted candy stashes.

Times, icons and routines obviously do and must change. Just keep in mind, making the memory is what it's about. Carve, bake, decorate, be scared, celebrate with your favorite people.

Have a great week and plan your Happy Halloween!!

Treat yourself well and Follow Your Bliss

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