Our Day to Rest

Even when given the opportunity to rest, inspiration and/or duty can strike. We've earned a day off after straight months of work. So we just finished up a few moments ago 😅 after a much needed date day in Gulfport.

As a team, finalized (maybe) our home page. Announcing our soft opening October 12th from 4 - 9 p.m. at Florida Chefs Workshop.

POS system in place and dining room secure we are poised for success. Our catering packages including our own Garde Manger Menu! Offering pinwheels, salads, charcuterie & fruit trays is days from publication. Thank you for bearing with us.

Thank you all again for your genuine interest and enthusiasm. We are blessed to have the opportunity to serve and meet our new community, family and friends.

From Mrs. Cruz and I, feel good, stay blessed, keep us all free from danger and always Follow Your Bliss.

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