One Day Closer

Making arrangements to meet with a few more people, associates, our inspector. A few puzzle pieces and loose ends tied will make this next few weeks fly by. It is becoming such a beautiful reality.

Our catering and carving menus are up, from which I will be selecting items for our bake shop. Please have a look!

We really cannot thank you all enough for your business and support. It is so much more than encouraging. To be part of the celebrations that become some of our favorite memories is truly an honor and why we do this.

Although watching family celebrations from home is bittersweet. My wife and I miss them tremendously, our favorite people, food and laughter. It also is a sensational reminder of how to live and why, I think Melissa and I are in the service industry.

Those timeless, magic moments where we have the opportunity to be a vehicle of change in the joy of another.

This is Bliss, we learned from our families and can feel from across our country.

Be good to each other, the world needs it. Share Bliss.

Good Night All,

Chef Roberto

#followyourblisschef #followyourblisscatering

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