On The Horizon

The ocean of challenges lies ahead. We have achieved much, both professionally and personally since undertaking this labor of love.

Days off have become a gratefully peaceful hour or so before we dig back in. We are a couple with a dream, solid connection, gratitude and work ethic.

A very respected Chef of mine asked me when we first spoke of this idea becoming a planned date years ago;

"How do you know,that it's going to work?"

" I don't!" I said," Chef, we decided if I survive the surgery, there is no reason to wait until we're old to get what we want." He sat back, shook his head and smiled. Wished us well and told me I have a place to cook here(Illinois).

Which means a lot when you're actually a bit terrified. But we know there is no reward without risk.

Then there are days like these, where the behind the scenes details overwhelm you with gratitude and providence. The universe just lets you know, 'we see you and we get you.' Thank you universe...

So here we are, four days from the dining room being filled with all of you. We've spent the day shopping & going over our plans while testing new desserts, promotions and some cool stuff just for fun. Melissa making things happen for us while running her own successful team. Family, friends, colleagues and new family, we appreciate you.

The shot below is our return from Belize heading toward Cozumel. This was just an idea at this time. Thank you for creating this beautiful reality with us.

Good night, sweet dreams and always Follow Your Bliss. You WILL get there.

Chef Roberto and Melissa Cruz ~:}>

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