Members of St. Pete

We are just around the corner from our pop up soft opening at the Florida Chefs Workshop in St. Petersburg. Eight days and four hours from now to be exact. Shuffling appointments and schedules to cross all T's and dot all I's. Days from buying our Mise en place, the excitement is intense and the positive reception and support from our communities is overwhelming. We are grateful, we are stoked.

In the midst of our assigned tasks we recently met with the Manatee County Chamber of Commerce. Thank you Tim Estep for the introduction and taking the time to meet with us! As well as becoming Members of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce as of last night! Thank you Lynn for taking the time to communicate everything so expediently.

Thank you St. Pete, we are wishing you the happiest of Fridays! Finish strong and always move forward 💪.

Be good to yourself and Follow Your Bliss!

Roberto & Melissa Cruz

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