Make it Real

It is pretty crazy... My work day (yesterday) consisted of delivering cookies and biscotti to our coffee house client, then the next few hours preparing for the Gulfport market this weekend (Gulfport Art & Gallery Walk- Saturday the 18th 6-10), a bit of R&D, networking emails and research for our next steps in this new year.

Then celebrating with my lovely wife as we toast to this incredible and exhausting journey. The dream is almost complete. Absolutely tangible but will need fine tuning always.

Today was an office day entirely. Emails and phone calls, calendars and scheduling. I have so far to go to make this effortless and natural. Or as Melissa says, "Be the sushi guy (Jiro)!" It is true one can not be great at everything and must rely on the skill and dedication of others to be successful. Definitely has been a challenge to relinquish control even when not in it.

That being said, the team is assembled, with an I.T. professional in our corner we are poised to strike next week at our Chamber of Commerce event expecting over 1000 people in attendance! Multiple catering platforms and an Angel of a wife who is supportive even when running on fumes.

We could not be more grateful for all of you, as family, friends, customers and colleagues.

This community will help bring the dream to full fruition. Let's make it real!!

Check out these locations for our products:

Brew D Licious- 667 Central Ave. St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Gulfport Art and Gallery Walk- 3101 Beach Blvd. S. Gulfport, FL

Or text your orders to (727)313-3760

Treat yourself well and always Follow Your Bliss!!

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