Italian Herb Blend Bio

For The Birds Poultry Rub: oregano, basil. parsley, rosemary, garlic, Spanish lemon flake salt.

Definitely in my personal top 3 from Follow Your Bliss Catering.

Formulated to enhance your chicken, turkey, quail and poultry family respectfully. Also a great addition to crushed tomatoes and aromats for a red gravy.

This blend also makes a wonderfully stable and delicious compound butter and is my choice for handmade burgers (beef and plant based alike).

Based on research conducted/ written/ reviewed by Dr. Meenakshi, Dr. Heben and team, University of Graz Austria, Fenestra research labs- Optimal Wellness Test, Dr. Barbara Handel - "Water and Salt the essence of Life"

these antioxidant rich ingredients may contribute to the following benefits

Rich in antioxidants, helps aching muscles, cramping, helps eliminate free radicals, anti-inflammatory properties, anticancer properties, lowers cholesterol, reduce memory loss due to aging, reduces blood pressure, natural blood thinner. May help protect against diabetes, improve bone health, antimicrobial properties, decrease LDLs and high blood pressure. Contains 80+ trace elements, regulates blood pressure, relaxes muscles, relieves depression, treats darkness under eyes

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