It Is Always About The Return

It has been almost a month since my last confession. I hope you all had the opportunity to see whose is dearest to you and spend some thoughtful time with them. The freedom we experience when we are free to down-shift, accessible as it is can easily be brushed aside as we hurry through the pages of our personal check lists. I cannot stress strongly enough how immensely important it is to our sanity to make the time before you lose it.

Thanks to my father, my family was able to enjoy one of my desserts shipped from Florida to Illinois. Words fail to describe how moved I was to receive a picture of my baby Sister Tina with our Tira Mi Su (Thank you again Cherry)! The trouble it was to organize it is miniscule by comparison to how much it was enjoyed and appreciated.

Point being we may never know why things tend to unravel whilst in chaos or even with our most important people in our circles. Although the reflex is to stop it, sometimes we need to let it fall.

In the kitchen we have this rule regarding knives: Although we may be able to catch a knife and avoid cleaning the mess off your blade, we are more likely to grab the larger blade and have a greater mess in our thoughtless reaction. Hands up and let, it, fall.

All of this, the dream job, the new idea, the adrenaline rush of a few feeding hundreds, standing ovations, and so on mean nothing if we don't take the time to look around us. Especially in our own corners and thank our cut-man, cheerleaders, family and spouses who have fought the entire fight with us and raise thier hands in a shared victory.

To my family, wife and children (and grandchildren):I could never be my best without you all and I know it. Thanks and blessings to you all. We miss you all and everything we do is for the return. The trip, the reunion or beautiful beachfront company straight out of a dream.

Be safe, be good to each other and always Follow Your Bliss.

Chef R.

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