All For This Moment

This was our last meal before our return trip. Our treat yourself tradition of surf & turf, asparagus and nature. We sat in wonder and gratitude watching the animals at sunset over the incredibly calm waters. Reflecting on our trip and memories of family and friends as we planned our return morning trip.

We are truly blessed to have any and all of this. Of everything we have seen, witnessed or experienced on this trip it is the return that usually excited us most. How to apply our experiences as well as the people and memories within them. To honor the moment.

If you are blessed or grateful. Thank them, whoever it is for it. Especially if it is them you are blessed with or grateful for.

Thank you family and friends, old and new. Closing with one of my favorite Florida phrases "I appreciate you".

Finish strong world, treat yourself well and always Follow Your Bliss. You deserve it.

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