Adaptation & Gratitude

Happy Thursday everyone!! Hoping you and your loved ones are staying out of harm's way while we all adapt to these unprecedented changes and our lives. Whatever our routine was, is unavailable for the time being. Which I understand can sound dismal, thankfully not my present mentality.

As a caterer or any small businesses owner I need my customers. The service industries both my wife and myself belong to are consumer-based. Like every small business we are brainstorming to figure out solutions through and past this daunting challenge. How do we feed people from a distance?

Chefs big and small are making Lunchboxes, to go orders, Pop-Up Restaurants, mostly curbside. While others are providing online demonstration, recipes or fighting to provide thier reluctantly released employees via fundraising or submission of proceeds.

With all the extra responsibility we are taking on in it is not as easy as it used to be to get restaurant quality food at all.

Our new line of seasonings are the secret recipes I've used for success in my own career, catering business, country clubs, yacht clubs, hotels, restaurants and convention centers.

Gluten-Free, Vegan, No sodium, no additives or preservatives, keto and crossfit friendly.

All single spices $7.50 including shipping.

BBQ Dry Rub

Taco Spice

Asian Spice "Crack"


Churro Dessert Sugar

2 pack any variety $13

All four Varieties $25

All with a recipe and free shipping within 3 days most US locations.

Not only my career, these spice mixes are my signature go to in my every day home cooking. From pork to plant based these flavors work on everything and I take them everywhere we work and play in sunny Florida or soulful, stylish Chicago.

Family will be receiving a couple of shipments today!!

Whatever you are doing, enjoy being there (puppies anxiously await me finishing this), this won't happen again in our lifetimes, we don't have to arrange vacation time to spend quality time right now. Treat yourself well, take a breath, FEEL GOOD and always Follow Your Bliss ❤️ stay healthy family.

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