A Short story about Roberto

Writing and rewriting my bio. What a trip...

Just hearing your self speak can be akward but to hear your story in second person is humbling and touching. Actually taking on the story as a reader. Is absolutely flipping the switch on perspective which I honestly don't do enough.

When we go through our stories in our minds (from my experience)we emphasize the drama or the feelings that they bring. Corrupting the actual details thereof.

To speak solely of my career and the energies that have influenced it thus far is inspiring! I'm excited to talk about it, I'm excited to share it with the world! It reaffirms that my perseverance has not gone unnoticed by the universe even when it seemed to be stagnant.

I am grateful and have been blessed with mentors, friends, family, love, Bliss and hands blessed enough to still be doing this. Thank you all for your part in our story.

Be good to each other, kiss your kids, tell them you love them. Pull your wife in close and kiss her. #gratefulchef #followyourbliss

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