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I have recently had the opportunity to answer the "11 Most Asked Salt Questions" as according to billions of Google searches made daily and data provided by Answer the Public.

As many of you have, I have lost very dear family and friends to various illness, heart disease, Alzheimer's. Watching the most powerful people in my family and memory become helpless. I understand the need to find a solution. The information stated below is vitally important to you or someone you know (likely both). Read and share this information with the people most important to you.

47% of adults in the United States (116 million) have a form of hypertension in 2022

This is the big one. Everyone pay attention to these numbers. You will decrease your sodium intake by 680 mg per teaspoon by choosing pink salt over table salt. (How hard was that?) For most Americans the sodium consumed while dining out contains enough iodine to supplement our needs for thyroid health and alleviate that concern.

Did you know?

During the processing of iodized salt, it is heated to temperatures that eliminate its benefits!! Leaving you only the most dangerous part of it's composition.

Readers who received the salt sample pack with their FOODS WITH BENEFITS book.

Have you used them?

Are they sitting in a drawer?

Still using table salt?

Get cooking and FEEL GOOD!

The 11 most asked questions about salt answered.

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