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Thanksgiving Pack

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Product Details

Mise en Place for a delicious holiday dinner and dessert. 

For the Birds- For, your bird. A well-balanced blend of herbs with just enough Spanish Lemon flake salt. (Dry:Rub directly on bird/under skin or Wet: Add directly to your butter, rub under skin and baste as needed)

Italian Herb and Citrus Parmesan - For your stuffing/dressing. (Toss this herb, citrus and parmesan blend into your bread stuffing/dressing.)

Churro- Dessert sugar is a tasty addition to homemade pastries of all types. (Dust any pies, candied yams, cookies, eggnog)

See Thanksgiving Deluxe Pack for Salts that can lower your sodium even on turkey day!

For green bean casserole

A beneficial (lower sodium) swap for that table salt 

A beneficial (lower sodium) substitute for your pastry salt

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