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Salty Sunshine - Infused Sea Salt- Full Size

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Formed by the Sea and harvested by hand. This Spanish Flor De Sal is infused with Lemon. 1.5oz Bag

The name is derived from living in Florida!

Try making our Caprese Canapes, Roasted Guacamole and Salty Sunshine Tortilla Chips or our Peanut Butter Sunshine Cookies from our new Cookbook, Foods With Benefits. Available now!

Works Great With:

Shellfish - Compound Butter - Buttercream - Vinaigrettes - Chocolate

Contributes to the following Benefits: Mineral source, anti-inflammatory, treats diabetes, osteoporosis, decreases LDLs and high blood pressure. Contains 80+ Trace elements. Regulates blood pressure, relaxes muscles, relieves depression, treats darkness under eyes. Treatment of nervous disorders, skin conditions, treats bites and rashes. Increases digestive enzymes.

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