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Merlot Sea - Infused Sea Salt- Full Size

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Sea Salt & Merlot Wine reduction, flavors that can only come with time!

The name derives from living in Florida. 2oz Bags

Try cooking Brie, Pear and Chocolate Purses, Shrimp Ceviche, Citrus Parmesan Lasagna, Mushroom Risotto, Chicago Style Pizza, Chicago Style Calzone, Chocolatey Red Velvet Cupcakes or Apple Cranberry Tart from our new Cookbook, Foods With Benefits!

Works Great With:

Marinara - Game - Pork - Mushrooms - Bleu Cheese

Contributes to the following Benefits: Mineral source, anti-inflammatory, treats diabetes, osteoporosis, decreases LDLs and high blood pressure. Contains 80+ Trace elements. Regulates blood pressure, relaxes muscles, relieves depression, treats darkness under eyes. Reduces the risk of lung cancer, prevents cardiovascular disease, fights against Alzheimer’s disease, fights UTI, treats ED and side effects of radiotherapy.

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