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For The Birds

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Product Details

For The Birds is an All-Purpose Poultry Rub is a combination of our sweet Italian Herb Blend and our Salty Sunshine/ Spanish Lemon Flake Salt. It will pair well with any Bird!

Giving you an aroma and flavor that will delight your senses and your palate.

Try making our Chicken Spatchcock or For the Birds Burger from our new Cookbook Foods With Benefits!

Contributes to the following Benefits: Rich in antioxidants, helps aching muscles, cramping, helps eliminate free radicals, anti-inflammatory properties, anticancer properties, lowers cholesterol, reduce memory loss due to aging, reduces blood pressure, natural blood thinner. Protect against diabetes, improve bone health. Antimicrobial properties. Decrease LDLs and high blood pressure. Contains 80+ Trace elements. Regulates blood pressure, relaxes muscles, relieves depression, treats darkness under eyes.

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